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Friend, do you ever feel as though there is something missing in building your business?
You know, like you know WHAT to do, but when you go to do it – it NEVER works like it does for someone else?
Or maybe you know the steps, but for some reason, you get sabotaged everyday as you try to implement them?
Do you get constantly distracted, led astray, or even it feels like no matter how hard you try, you can’t stay focused on building your business?
If so, I understand.
I get it.
In fact, I’ve seen that time and time again, both in my own life and business, and that of my clients.
You know WHAT to do, but when you go to do it, you are constantly distracted, you get stuck on simple things.
For example, sometimes you will struggle with something for hours or days, and when you finally “get it” you see how very easy it is – like you should have been able to do it in a few minutes.
You chalk it up to a learning curve.
But then tomorrow the next thing you try is the same way – you get stuck for hours.
Here’s the thing, I’ve been wildly successful in my Christian life, ministry and business.
Likely also the top 1% of people who run internet businesses. And probably 1 in 10,000 out of folks who have made their first dollar online. And maybe 1 out of 100,000 of folks who are trying to start a business online, but haven’t made their first dollar yet.
And I know the steps it has taken to build my online businesses. And I’ve taught those steps for a while years.
But the funny thing I’ve noticed is that I can give the EXACT same instructions to 100 different people – and only 3 will get phenomenal results. A client wrote me recently to tell me he generated $30,000 from a list of 7,500 subscribers using an email campaign he learned from me. I coached another client for 30 days, and within about 45 days he had built a $15,000 a month monthly income. Another client wrote to tell me he had generated $800,000 so far in implementing what me and one other fellow shared with him.
And yet others take the EXACT same knowledge I gave those folks and struggle month after month, year after year. And those are the same folks who have bought training after training from other coaches and experts and just CANNOT figure it out.
Perhaps you are in that group, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot figure it out.
In fact, maybe you know the steps, but when you go to implement them, they just don’t work for you like they do for me or for other successful marketers.
The thing is, over the last few months, I’ve begun to really dig into this issue.
I’ve asked myself, why?
And in fact, I’ve dug deeper, and asked, “why am I successful?”
And what I have discovered is that when asked THAT question, “why am I successful?”, I ALWAYS give GOD the credit.
It’s not “I have mastered a traffic source,” or “I have mastered selling,” or “I have the best training.”
Instead, it’s “Because God has blessed me in my life and business.”
And I have realized that it is the blessing of God that has manifested itself in my life and business being successful.
Sure, I’ve learned the steps.
The same ones you’ve learned.
I drive traffic.
Same traffic others drive, from Facebook, Youtube, Solo Ads, PPC, PPV, etc
I create great training.
So do others. Maybe you too.
But what I have realized is that I am successful not because of my traffic, my email skill, my products, but instead because of the blessing of God and the activation of His principles in my business.
I have a solid focus on my singular purpose in my business, and in the relentless pursuit of achieving that purpose, God has blessed my life and business radically. This has been a huge breakthrough for me.
Because it’s driven me to realize that it’s not my traffic skill, my email skills, my sales letter writing skills, that have made me successful. It’s the power and blessing of God in my life.
And for the last few years, I have been driven to help others to take their life and their business to the next level.
And in the process of being driven, I have created some of the most powerful Training Program in the industry.
I regularly get amazing testimonials about how my training has changed someone’s life.
But I have noticed that those testimonials ALWAYS come from people who have the “intangibles” in place: their faith, their relationship with God, their purpose and drive and focus, and/or a very clear driving factor in their life.
People who always fail in life, generally continue to fail no matter how good the training is.
But people who win in life, tend to win, whether they get good training or not. Better training just helps them win faster!
And what God has shown me lately, is that in order to change people’s lives the MOST, my focus has to come OFF of teaching the technical skills and instead focus on getting folks to get their life and their mindset and their faith and their relationship with God in order, and when those things are in order, the success will come.
NOT the other way around.
The SKILLS are just tools.
Emails, traffic, product creation, are all just tools.
But tools are useless in the hands of the wrong person.
So I’ve been focused on the tools.
But the real problem is the person.
If your mind isn’t right, if your faith isn’t right, if your purpose isn’t right . . . the tools are useless.
Maybe that’s where you are right now.
You have the tools.
You know what to do.
But the tools aren’t working for you.
Just like the fact that YOU might not be able to write an email that people want to read.
or YOU can’t write a sales letter that sells.
Or YOU can’t drive traffic if your life depended on it.
That’s not the problem.
I didn’t know how to do any of those things when I first started either.
The problem isn’t the tools.
The problem is the person using the tools.
And in fact, in my own life, when my attitude has gone wrong, when I’ve stopped giving God the credit, when I’ve stopped honouring Him in my life – my own sales plummet.
It’s the power of God in my life, not my skills with the tools, that have made me successful.
I say all of this to say:
I’m helping people change their focus online, from focusing on the tools, to focusing on empowering people to activate transformation in their life by changing their person.
By improving their relationship with God.
By activating faith in their life.
By developing relentless focus in their business.
Did you know what the #1 single biggest challenge I hear from successful people is?
It’s “I have trouble focusing”
They are ALREADY successful! And yet they realize that focus is HUGE!
But the person who is NOT successful, instead of seeing the problem as focus, they see the problem as “traffic,” or “email,” or “sales.”
I know that many people won’t “get it.”
Maybe you don’t.
That’s okay.
In time, maybe you’ll see it.
But I genuinely believe that how I can impact the world in the greatest way is to focus on empowering individuals, not just focusing on the tools people use.
And that’s not to say I’m going to stop teaching people how to use the tools.
But instead, my focus is going to be the person, not the tools.
So, perhaps you are wondering, what is that going to look like?
So here it is:
I am in the process of creating a full new line of personal development training courses that focus on the PERSON and their development.
That focus on God’s power in your life, the power of blessing in your life, the power of faith and focus and purpose.
So far I’ve created 5 different training programs.
I haven’t written sales letters for them.
And I’ve considered holding them back until the “time is right.”
Until everything is “perfect.”
Do you ever do that, hold back something because it’s not quite finished?
You know, the site’s not right?
The sales copy’s not right?
And so on?
But I believe that folks need this training NOW.
So I’ve decided that instead of holding it back any longer, I would simply release to my current clients and friends, at a highly discounted price.
Here’s what’s included:

Godly Mind Management ($197)

Christian Goal-Setting Philosophy Importance of Counsel Mindset Training – How to Train Your Mind So That You Get the Results You Set Your Mind To How to Stay Focused and Without Distraction When Focused on Your God-Given Goals and Purpose How to Resist the Devil in Your Daily Business Life and Achieve Maximum Productivity How to Triple Your Productivity Using God’s Principles And much, much more!!!
 I intend to sell this program for between $45 and $159  when all the topics are fully completed with both Audio and video.  Videos are in the making though audio is the best, because they can be listened to on many facets.

There are over 3 hours of intense training in the combined topics together.
Now, that might sound like a lot.
But I have discovered that my clients who listen to me teach for one hour a day tend to get VERY GOOD RESULTS.
So here’s what I recommend:
Listen to an audio or video at least one hour a day.
That’s right, listen on the way to work, listen while you are cooking dinner, listen while you are having lunch, listen on your daily walk. Listen with your wife or husband.
If you will implement what’s in these training programs, your life will change.
I promise.
And yes, yes, of course there is a guarantee. In fact, I’m so confident that if you will listen for one hour a day, that your life will change, that I will TRIPLE GUARANTEE your investment today in these trainings!guarantee_22_png_pagespeed_ce_33wwHqJ6LjNow, I have to say this: you KNOW that I have incredible confidence in the power in these trainings, or I could lose my shirt with this offer. Because some folks could see this as an easy way to triple their money. Now, I know you aren’t like that. But truth be told, I couldn’t offer this if I weren’t ULTRA-CONFIDENT in the power of these training programs.
So here’s the Big deal, for the next 72 hours, here’s what you get:
Access to all 4 training topics:
There is a value there of between $90 and $388 (I haven’t finalized prices, so can’t use an exact number for now.)
As a valued member today, you will get complete and unrestricted access to all 5 training topics.
If you add up the value of everything that is going into this Offer package, you come up with well over $600 in real-world value.
PLUS the immediate impact YOU will begin to receive as you begin to listen to and study this material.
Now, my guess is that this Offer package would sell very well at $99.
Over 80% off the minimum real-world value of over $800.
But for the next 72 hours – for my own clients and subscribers like you, I want to make this available for just $90
                                  That’s right – just $90 to get everything!
order-button0-460pxYou’ll be a valued member of what I believe may become the world’s most powerful faith-based Training Program for personal success and internet development. At this point, you either see the value in this . . . or you don’t.
If you don’t, I encourage you to seek God and find out what He wants you to do to get your focus back, to grow your business, and to grow with Him.
If you see the incredible value in this . . . then I suggest that you just click the payment button below and get in . . . NOW!
Let’s change your life together!
I encourage you to take action now, don’t delay even 5 minutes, just do it:
And remember – it’s TRIPLE GUARANTEED! If your life doesn’t change when you listen to the training each day, let me know, and I’ll give you a further treat to that effect.
Well, I guess it’s time for me to stop rattling on here, and for you to make a decision.
Either take action and change your life now:

order-button0-460pxOr close this page, and risk losing out on what may be the biggest impact on your life this year.
It’s your choice.
May God bless you mightily as you grow in personal and business success and in your relationship with Him!
Dr.Norman Mike

P.S. Maybe right now you are thinking, do I really need this faith – based training, do I really need to focus on focus, is a clear path and purpose REALLY as important as Dr.Norman makes it out to be?
Consider this: if you don’t know EXACTLY what your NEXT STEP is, then you are going to be VERY UNCLEAR in your daily actions, right?
Perhaps that is where you are at right now.
Perhaps right now you don’t know what your exact NEXT STEP is.
Imagine if right now you knew EXACTLY what you should be doing in your business, in your life, and in your sales.
How would your life change if you KNEW?
That’s the power of this training!
Discover the power of focus, the power of purpose, and let God bless you and your business mightily!
Scroll up and make a decision!

-- To your success,

Norman Mike M





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