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Each week for the next 5 weeks you will receive an introductory prosperity training. Each training will lead you closer to your own prosperity fulfillment.

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Homework Assignment 1:

What is YOUR purpose? How do YOU want to change the world? Really dig deep on this. Write out TODAY your thoughts and each day this week, for the next 7 days - add and work with your thoughts. If you do this I believe you will be AMAZED at the transformation in your ability to implement your purpose.

Homework Assignment 3:

Today's lesson was short. Hopefully it was powerful to you! This weeks' assignment: What is YOUR purpose? I know you worked on it 2 weeks ago (you did, didn't you?) But now that your mind has had some time to think on it, you are probably becoming more clear on your purpose. Can you write one sentence that fully incorporates your purpose? Go ahead, write it down. Then each day this week, look at that sentence and see how you can improve it. Can you make it more concise, more targeted? Use clearer language?


Homework 2:

What is YOUR mindset? Is it holding you back? Is it empowering you? Are you happy with your mindset? What needs to change? Take out a sheet of paper and document each of these answers. Go back to that sheet each day this week and add to it

Homework 4:

Write out your purpose and your vision for accomplishing it. Write out a 13 week or 26 week plan. Then scale back with weekly and then daily goals for accomplishing it. Recommendation: Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Even if you have read it before. Read it again.

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